Are you searching for the perfect hair brush to help your baby look neat? Knowing which is right for your little one can be tough with so many brushes. Luckily, you've come to the right place!

We've researched every type of baby hair brush available today and compiled a list of the 5 best options here. Please keep reading and learn more about why these are some of our top picks when brushing your toddler's delicate tresses.

We hope that you find what's best from the list below. Each product was independently selected by our editors, and we have some great advice for each one of them too – because after all this is about YOU :) Some may have been sent as samples 'to play' with but all opinions in today’s article are 100% honest; hopes/desires aside (FYI - Savvy Searchers collect a share whenever someone buys something through any links on our site). Reviews were edited lengthwise so they could be more readable

How We Choose The Best Baby Hair Brush

To ensure we present you with only the best options, our team looks at several factors when choosing a brush for your baby. Here are the criteria we consider when making our selection:

  • Quality: We prioritize high-quality products that are gentle and effective on your baby's hair.
  • Comfort: We look for brushes with comfortable handles so that your little one won't be uncomfortable during grooming.
  • Safety: We only choose brushes that won't cause any damage to your baby's scalp or hair.
  • Affordability: We ensure you get the most bang for your buck by looking at the price of each product.

These are our 5 best picks when it comes to baby hair brushes:

Savvy because it's gentle and effective

DermFrida SkinSoother Hair Brush

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1. DermFrida SkinSoother Hair Brush

Looking for a better way to bathe your baby? DermFrida's SkinSoother Hair Brush is the perfect solution! 100% silicone brush helps to brush away dry skin, cradle cap, and eczema, while the soft bristles and massage beads provide a gentle spa-like experience that calms the baby for bedtime.

The built-in suction cup sticks to the tub for quick-dry easy access - no more drippy washcloths. So get ready to make bath time more enjoyable—and give your baby's hair the soft, gentle care it deserves.

Why We Love It

We love this brush because it is gentle and effective. The silicone bristles are soft enough to massage the scalp while brushing your baby's hair. We also love how the built-in suction cup keeps the brush in place, making it easy to use and more convenient.

What You Need to Know

This brush is great for sensitive baby's skin and allergies as it is hypoallergenic and latex free. It also comes in various colors and can be used in the bath or shower.

Savvy because it's natural wood and bamboo

Royal Infant Natural Wooden Baby Hair Brush

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2. Royal Infant Natural Wooden Baby Hair Brush

The Royal Infant Natural Wooden Baby Hair Brush is made of natural wood and bamboo. It is a great tool to keep your baby's hair healthy, shiny, and hydrated. The brush has a comfortable grip that makes it easy for you to use on your little one's scalp.

The soft bristles gently glide through your little one's hair without causing discomfort or pulling. This brush can be used on infants, toddlers, and kids alike!

Why We Love It

We love this brush because of its natural wood and bamboo materials. It is very gentle on your baby's scalp and helps keep their locks looking healthy, shiny, and hydrated. The brush is also easy to grip and use, making it a great choice for brushing your baby's hair without discomfort or pulling.

What You Need to Know

This brush is suitable for infants, toddlers, and kids alike. It can be used on all hair types, and its natural materials make it a very gentle and safe choice for brushing your little one's locks. But it is best to brush on damp or slightly wet hair to avoid tangles.

Savvy Because its Made of Soft Durable Materials 

Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

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3. Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

Safely brush baby's hair with the Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb. The soft, extra-wide bristles gently untangle even the thickest, wettest hair. The dual-density comb has smooth teeth for dry hair and grooved teeth for wet or thicker hair. The ultra-soft bristles are gentle on tender skin to prevent scratching or pulling.

The handle is easy to hold, even with a squirmy baby in your arms! It also features an integrated hook that attaches easily to strollers, diaper bags, and other items.

Why We Love It

We love the Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb because it is perfect for grooming babies and toddlers. It is made from soft, durable materials and has a comfortable grip for easy handling.

What You Need to Know

The Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb are suitable for babies and toddlers, making it one of the 5 best babies brushes out there. It is designed to easily and safely brush even the thickest hair, ensuring your little one looks neat all day long.

Savvy Because it's ideal for all hair textures

FridaBaby Head-Hugging Brush

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4. FridaBaby Head-Hugging Brush

The FridaBaby Head-Hugging Brush is the perfect tool for a baby's head and body massage. The unique flexible design contours to the baby's head for a soft and gentle massage + styling.

Soft-bristles brush is ideal for smoothing hair and stimulating the scalp, while the styling comb keeps baby's do smooth and tamed. It is also made with hypoallergenic materials for a baby's delicate skin.

Why We Love It

We love that this brush comes with both a brush and comb, making it ideal for all hair textures. Its unique design makes it gentle on a baby's scalp and is perfect for delivering a relaxing massage.

What You Need to Know

This brush is suitable for infants, toddlers, and even older children. It's easy to use and perfect for achieving a neat, tamed look. Plus, its hypoallergenic materials make it safe for those with sensitive skin.

Savvy Because Its Bright And Fun

Disney Baby Minnie Hair Brush

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5. Disney Baby Minnie Hair Brush

This brush and comb set is designed to make grooming your child's hair easier. The soft bristles are gentle on the scalp, and the easy grip handles give you better control.

The baby brush and comb are sized just right for little hands and come in a pink Minnie mouse-themed pack. It is easy to clean and can help tidy your baby's hair. So why not let Disney help out with your child's grooming?

Why We Love It

We love this soft brush and comb set for its bright, fun Minnie Mouse theme that makes brushing your toddler's hair more enjoyable. Plus, the handle grip is excellent for giving you better control.

What You Need to Know

This brush is suitable for children of all ages. It is easy to use and clean, making it ideal for busy parents. And it is one of the most affordable options on our list. Overall, this set is an excellent value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can newborns brush their hair?

Yes, it is safe to brush a newborn's hair. However, it is important to ensure that the brush you select is designed for the sensitive scalp of a baby.

When can I start brushing my newborn's hair?

You can safely brush your newborn's hair as soon as it grows. Make sure to select a baby hair brush with soft bristles to avoid scratching your baby's scalp.

Is it necessary to use oil while brushing my baby's hair?

It is not necessary to use oil while brushing your baby's hair, although it can be helpful to use a light oil or lotion to help relieve any dryness or discomfort.

Is hair brush promote hair growth in babies?

Yes, hair brushing can promote healthy hair growth in babies. It stimulates the scalp and helps remove debris that may prevent hair growth.

Can goat hair bristles be used for baby hair brushes?

Yes, goat hair bristles can be used for baby brushes. They are very soft and gentle on a baby's scalp, making them a great option for brushing baby hair.

Bottom Line

You need the right brush to keep your baby's hair healthy and tangle-free. With so many different types on the market, it can take time to know which one is best for your little one.

This list of the five best baby hair brushes will help you narrow your options to find the perfect brush for your child's delicate locks.