Looking for relief from lichen sclerosus?

Lichen sclerosus is a painful chronic inflammatory disease or skin condition that can cause a range of symptoms including itching, stinging, burning sensations, and thinning or hardening of the skin.

Many people turn to vitamins as one method for alleviating their symptoms. Here are 8 of the best vitamins for relieving those painful symptoms associated with lichen sclerosus.

Vitamin A helps regulate cell growth and regeneration, so it can help reduce inflammation in the affected areas and promote healing. Vitamin B6 supports healthy cell membrane function, while vitamin C provides antioxidant protection against oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Additionally, vitamin D helps keep your immune system strong so it can fight off invaders more effectively - all-natural ways to support your body's defenses against this chronic condition. Hence, you avoid the risk of multiple sclerosis, lichen sclerosis.

Incorporate these 8 essential vitamins into your daily routine today to start experiencing relief from lichen sclerosus!

How We Choose the Best Vitamins For Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosis can be a very painful and embarrassing condition. It can be an autoimmune disease or hormonal predisposition.

There is no one-size-fits-all cure for lichen sclerosis, but there are a number of treatments and anti aging medicine options that have been shown to be effective for some people.

We’ve read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the 8 best vitamins for lichen sclerosis. Our list includes vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, biotin, and magnesium.

Terrasil Antibacterial Skin Repair

Best For Inflammation

Terrasil Antibacterial Skin Repair

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Why We Love It

Natural, organic ingredients offer an unparalleled level of comfort and safety for those who have sensitive skin. They provide a deep moisturizing formula that is homeopathic and free from harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol, dye, and fragrance.

That means you can rest assured knowing that your skin will be gently nurtured without any of the added irritants that are often used in most commercial products. However, lichen sclerosis requires long term treatment that you should be up for.

Natural and organic ingredients go a long way in ensuring safe and effective healing, so you don't have to worry about possible adverse reactions to traditional remedies.

What You Should Know

From the minor aches and pains of everyday life to major medical concerns, we are often looking for ways to improve how quickly we can heal.

Now, with patented activated minerals technology, you can expedite your body’s recovery process up to three times faster than ever before.

This new technology transports active ingredients like Vitamin C and Copper directly to the affected area where they are needed, ensuring that your body has access to the resources it needs for healing. This can be an equally effective treatment in postmenopausal women.

With this innovative and easy solution, you can be back on your feet and on the road to recovery in no time!

FREEDA Multivitamin – Quintabs-M with Iron

Best For Iron Supplementation

FREEDA Multivitamin – Quintabs-M with Iron

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Quintabs-M with Iron is the perfect daily multivitamin for men and women looking to maintain their overall health. It offers a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements that will help support and balance general nutritional needs.

With just one capsule per day, it is an easy and convenient way for busy individuals to get what their body needs without having to worry about multiple pills at once.

Plus, its higher potency formula creates balanced multivitamins supplements for both men and women - specifically designed for those who need a little extra iron in their diets.

Quintabs-M with Iron is a great way to stay on top of nutrition all year round.

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Getting enough essential vitamins and minerals into your diet isn't always easy, but Freeda makes it a breeze. Their one-daily multivitamin with iron is an all-in-one solution to those nutrient gaps that can otherwise be hard to cover.

Not only is it jam-packed with all the daily value of vitamins and more, but taking just one capsule a day dose can get you there easily and conveniently.

To top it off, this multivitamin is Kosher certified, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, artificial color/ flavor free, sugar/ starch-free, and even free of any animal derivatives.

With such a potent and safe formulation of nutrients at your disposal in just one capsule each day, keeping your body in top shape has never been easier!

Elderberry Gummies for Kids and Adults

Best For Vitamin C & Zinc

Elderberry Gummies for Kids and Adults

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The Purify Life Elderberry with Zinc and Vitamin C Gummies are a great aid in boosting immunity and come in a convenient jar of 90 gummies to provide a 45-day supply.

And that's not all - by providing an extra two weeks' worth of gummies, you are able to always have a safe, reliable source for fostering your own health and well-being.

Plus, the natural blueberry flavor is both vegan-friendly and enjoyable for people of any age - children, toddlers, adults, or seniors.

The unique design ensures easy chewing and swallowing without any fear of choking. With our elderberry gummy supplement, safety is a priority!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a natural herbal supplement that has great taste, no gluten, no pectin, and no artificial colors – look no further than our Sambucus Nigra supplement! This low-sugar formulation is hypoallergenic, providing your family with the perfect source of elderberry boost.

Our new formula has even more elderberry content and less sugar for a healthier immune system all year long. With our elderberry gummies with zinc and vitamin C, your entire family can enjoy the benefits of an improved immune system - naturally.

XPRS Nutra Organic Kelp Powder

Best For Vegan Powder

XPRS Nutra Organic Kelp Powder

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Why We Love It

Seeking out natural sources of nutrients is important for both humans and animals. If you're looking to incorporate more iodine, vitamins and minerals into your diet, then you may want to consider using pure Canadian Kelp Powder.

The kelp powder is sourced from trusted suppliers and contains no additional ingredients, fillers or sugar - just pure seaweed! It contains essential minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, and iodine as well as vitamins A, B2, B12, C and D - all vital for maintaining a balanced diet.

Whether it's for yourself or your four-legged friend, find the perfect size of 4oz or 8oz bag today and start to get your kelp on!

What You Should Know

If you're looking to add hydration and softness to your skin, seaweed, and kelp powder is a great solution. Containing both minerals and antioxidants, this organic powder helps to retain moisture on the skin, making it perfect for creating face masks or invigorating skin care treatments.

It's also a very versatile product - water soluble and with a distinct umami flavor, kelp powder can easily be incorporated into smoothies, salads, and other recipes as well.

As an added bonus, consuming kelp can provide many other benefits such as aiding in weight management or providing cardiovascular support.

So, why not try incorporating seaweed and kelp powder into your diet today to reap the rewards?

Ritual Multivitamin for Women 50 and Over

Best Supplement For Women

Ritual Multivitamin for Women 50 and Over

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Women over 50 face unique wellness needs, which is why Essential for Women Multivitamin 50+ was specifically created to meet those needs.

Our formula is a vegan and allergen-free blend of 8 key nutrients meant to support healthy aging from within, including Chelated Magnesium for bone support, Vitamin D3 and Biologically-active Vitamin B12 for calcium absorption and brain or central nervous system support, and Omega-3 DHA for heart support.

Each serving provides 330mg of Omega-3 DHA. To ensure you get the best possible product, our world-class scientists scoured the globe to source high-quality ingredients from Utah, the UK, Connecticut, and Nova Scotia.

Take your wellness into your own hands with Essential for Women Multivitamin 50+!

What You Should Know

At Essential for Women, we take great pride in providing our customers with a vitamin experience of the highest quality. This is why we trust NSF, one of the world's leading certifying bodies, to provide Non-GMO Project Verification for our Multivitamin 50+.

The Non-GMO Project Verification provides customers the assurance that our products are produced to exacting standards and best practices for GMO avoidance.

What's more, our innovative beadle in oil technology keeps fat-soluble and water-soluble forms separated in a single capsule so that you get all the essential vitamins and minerals in a more conveniently absorbable form.

Taking your multivitamin every day has never been easier thanks to this new capsule design - plus there's also a mint tab in every bottle so you can enjoy your vitamin regimen each day!

Orthomol Immun Vial

Best For Mineral Supplementation

Orthomol Immun Vial

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Why We Love It

Keeping your immune system healthy and strong is essential in today's world. Recently, there has been a new product available to help give your body the support it needs.

Immun contains an effective combination of 25 important micronutrients including vitamins, phytonutrients, and trace elements that make up its formula designed specifically to help support the normal function of your immune system.

Furthermore, it is non-GMO, lactose free, and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The type and amount of each nutrient in their recipe works in synergy to provide maximum benefit: 2.45 mg of Vitamin A, 950 mg of Vitamin C, 5 mcg of Vitamin D, 150 mcg of Vitamin E, 60 mcg of Vitamin K, 20 mg of vitamin B6, 1.3 mg of folic acid, 6 mcg of Vitamin B12 8 mg of Iron, 150 mcg of Iodine 10 mg

What You Should Know

Orthomol products provide consumers with a simple, versatile solution to their supplement needs. All of their products are made in Germany and they have over 20 years of experience producing supplements.

The convenience of their 30 day supply is unparalleled - each daily serving is packed into its own individual vial and the contents of 1 Daily Pack (1 vial & 2 tablets) are taken with or after a meal once every day for maximum benefit.

Shake the vial before consuming and reap the health benefits you desire! Each purchase includes 30 20-ml Vials (600 ml total) & 60 tablets so that you’re all set for a month-long journey to better health!

Probiotics for Women with Organic Prebiotics

Best For All-Natural Prebiotics

Probiotics for Women with Organic Prebiotics

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The probiotic for women is designed with the combined power of essential probiotics and prebiotics to provide comprehensive digestive health support for women.

With 50B CFU, D-Mannose, Pro-Cran, and organic prebiotics, this unique blend is ideal for maintaining a healthy urinary tract and relieving occasional gas, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.

It also helps replenish beneficial bacteria to help keep your body functioning optimally. The experts have carefully crafted this special probiotic to meet specific needs of women and make sure that every woman receives the complete support she deserves.

What You Should Know

This probiotic is designed to survive the gut and maximize the colonization of our bacterial strains. From start to finish, our product is shelf-stable and locked in acid-resistant capsules containing up to 50 billion colony-forming units.

Not only that but it's also based on trusted research; they have partnered with a panel of expert physicians who regularly review the contents of our product so you can make informed decisions about your health.

This probiotic isn't just about surviving the gut—it's about arming you with knowledge for a better life.

BioSil - 120 Vegan Capsules

Best For Skin, Nails and Hair

BioSil - 120 Vegan Capsules

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Feeling like your beauty has faded? Want to look and feel years younger?

BioSil is here to help with its patented ch-OSA complex. It uses only purified water, microcrystalline cellulose, and an active ingredient known as ch-OSA to generate and protect collagen levels in your body, leading to significant reductions in wrinkles and a glowing complexion for lusciously soft skin.

In addition to softer skin, this powerful formula can also increase the keratin content in your hair and nails for stronger locks and nails that stay intact.

With the help of BioSil you'll be able to regain that vibrant youthful glow you miss so much!

What You Should Know

BioSil is the real deal - it has been certified as safe and effective after years of clinical trials in both America and Europe. Since its release, hundreds of customers have become regulars due to the significant health benefits that BioSil offers.

Unlike some dietary supplements, BioSil does not include any artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, GMOs, or animal-derived ingredients.

In addition to all of this, BioSil also doesn't contain allergens like wheat, tree nuts, soy, and peanuts. This isn't just any supplement you find at a store - it's the tried-and-tested gold standard that has been proven to work time and time again.

Best Vitamins For Lichen Sclerosus FAQ

Lichen sclerosis, just like rheumatoid arthritis, is a condition that can cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment.

If you're living with lichen sclerosis, you know how frustrating it can be to not have any answers about the best vitamins for lichen sclerosis.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the best vitamins for lichen sclerosis. This information will help you make an informed decision about which vitamins are right for you.

Are there any vitamins that help lichen sclerosus?

Yes, research shows that vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce symptoms of lichen sclerosus. It essentially needs an autoimmune protocol diet to treat autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D works by regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation, while omega-3 fatty acids may ease pain, itching, dryness and other symptoms. Additionally, topical corticosteroids may also be prescribed to reduce inflammation in more severe cases of lichen sclerosus.

What is the best natural remedy for lichen sclerosus?

The best natural remedy for this chronic disease is to treat and manage the underlying cause such as your own tissues.

Strictly avoiding physical trauma and friction, along with a diet rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods (such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, omega-3 fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables) can help reduce symptoms.

Some people also find relief through stress reduction techniques such as yoga or guided meditation. These natural remedies are equally effective for vulval lichen sclerosus and lichen planus.

How I healed my lichen sclerosus?

After consulting with my doctor and testing the affected tissue with biopsy, I followed a holistic approach to treating my lichen sclerosus. I changed my diet by cutting out processed foods and eating more whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Additionally, I started taking omega-3 fatty acids which helped reduce inflammation in the skin affected by LS.

Furthermore, I applied cortico steroid creams or ointments directly to the lesions every day for several months which aided in restoring normal skin appearance as recommended by a dermatologist.

Finally, light exposure therapy (phototherapy) was essential for healing my lichen sclerosus faster than expected; this involved exposing unaffected areas of the skin to ultraviolet B rays regularly to speed up healing time and improve symptoms.

Is zinc good for lichen sclerosus?

Yes, zinc can be good for lichen sclerosus. Research has shown that zinc gluconate ointment applied twice daily to affected areas of the skin is safe and effective in treating lichen sclerosus symptoms.

Studies have also suggested that taking oral zinc supplements of up to 30 mg per day can reduce inflammation and improve healing time.

Additionally, recent research indicates that zinc deficiency may be an underlying cause of some cases of lichen sclerosus so it is important to ensure adequate dietary intake of this essential mineral if suffering from this condition.

Is lichen sclerosus a hormone imbalance?

Yes, lichen sclerosus is believed to be a hormone imbalance. Many studies have linked the condition to changes in estrogen levels, and evidence suggests that women are more likely than men to be affected by it.

Research has also identified an increased risk of developing lichen sclerosus when taking certain medications such as corticosteroids and anticonvulsants. In case of vulvar lichen sclerosus, topical testosterone may help.


Congratulations on taking the time to explore vitamins for lichen sclerosus! We understand how tedious research can be, and will continue to add valuable information to help you with your decision-making process.

With that being said, it is important that you do your own research before investing in a product. What might work for someone else might not work in the same way for yourself.

Further, every individual’s needs and preferences may vary when it comes to selecting the right vitamin for their situation.

In conclusion, when purchasing vitamins for lichen sclerosus, make sure you read reviews from verified customers and consult with your healthcare provider before making any decisions.

Finally, remember that no single vitamin is guaranteed to provide all the completeness you need – so make sure you supplement other healthy habits into your lifestyle as well!